about01Fredric Michaels (actor)
CEO/Artistic Director

NUNU Radio Productions is the brainchild of actor~director~technical designer~producer Fredric Michaels. It is an innovative and creative outlet originally designed for the spoken word and performing artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even the name, NUNU, bespeaks the new “New” in artistic endeavors. But NUNU Radio has been embraced by international artists and teachers of different disciplines as well.


NUNU Radio prophesied that the return of “Radio Dramas” would prove to be an immediate, safe, and affordable space where artists can continue to make a living with their craft. But now a celebrated Haitian painter is planning a talk show to interview other Haitian celebrities. A Children’s television producer is planning a radio show for children. A financier is planning to teach finance and investments. Multi-lingual speakers are interested in teaching foreign languages. NUNU is quickly becoming the next evolution in art and education with no limits to the possibilities of what will be offered.


NUNU Radio is a 24-hour internet radio station with affordable time slots for every genre and generation: Children and General Audience programs 7 am – 10 pm, Adult programming 10 pm – 7 am, and Music plays between scheduled programs. International listening audiences include the UK, Germany, Caribbean, India, South Africa, and more. The dark Covid-19 cloud is slowing lifting. And although schools and theaters have re-opened with sporadic health shutdowns, people still need the reassurance that venturing out is not going to resurrect a health crisis. Host your own program or listen to others, but let NUNU Radio be your safe, artistic, and educational bridge to the world.

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Our Staff

Patricia Fields
Partner/Writer/Director Patricia Fields was born
Gail Wynn Huland El
Administrator/Writer Gail Wynn Huland El resides
Yahuda Carter
Administrator/Technical Yahuda Carter was born and