Klehotas Tshyre

A native of the South Bronx and Harlem, New York City, Klehotas Tshyre made his theatrical directorial debut at the age of 19, with his first play, ” Last of the Talented”, which he wrote, produced, and directed. Since then, Klehotas Tshyre has written, produced, and directed numerous plays, including “Lyonns in the Fire”, “Memories Dont Die”, and “Brandon’s Stage”. In the mid-’80s Tshyre turned his attention to the unique genre of mystery, melodrama, and science fiction fantasy,  with such works as “Cotton Red”, ” Monster Season”, ” The Beloved Jezebel Lear”, “Gwendolyn’s Cellar”, ” The Way Knight Falls”, ” The Crossing”, ” Chastity of Hearts”, and “Last Laugh”, to name a few.

In 2007 Klehotas Tshyre founded Tshyre’s Spellbound Repertory Theatre of East Harlem, a conservatory ensemble devoted to original African American mystery, melodrama, and science fiction fantasy plays. It is the goal of the company to develop an anthology of such plays, as well as a permanent based acting ensemble devoted to its execution.

In addition to writing, producing, and directing, Klehotas Tshyre has spent a large portion of his life, teaching acting. In 1997, Tshyre founded the “Riverbank School of the Arts” at Riverbank Park in New York City. There he taught acting while developing an elaborate theater Arts program for teens and adults. Although the school closed during the early portion of the 21 century, the Riverbank School of the Arts served as a platform for the development of a unique system of acting which Tshyre refers to as “The Process”.

Based upon the idea that acting is Transformation, “The Tshyre Process” addresses the physical, emotional and psychological transformation of the actor. Beginning with the actor’s goal in mind, the system incorporates the use of imagination and imagery,  in conjunction with the use of questioning as a form of analysis. Through this, a multi-dimensional character emerges within the actor that is later realized on stage through what Tshyre coins as “the art of transference”.

What distinguishes ” The Tshyre Process” from many other systems of acting is its reliance upon the use of creative momentum- largely brought about through the actor’s relationship with what Tshyre refers to as the “Creative Intelligentsia”, or creative imagination. According to Tshyre, “Actors don’t use their imagination, the imagination uses the actor”

In addition to working with actors, Klehotas Tshyre has also explored the use of acting as a form of personal growth and development among battered women and troubled teens.

While serving as an undergrad at the College of New Rochelle, Tshyre’s use of journal writing and acting with the Department of Children and Family Services, led to a standard incentive release program among incarcerated youth. Tshyre was later honored Valedictorian of the College of New Rochelle 1997 graduating class as a result of his efforts.

In addition to the current radio program “Acting with Klehotas Tshyre”,  on  NUNU Radio, Tshyre continues to work on “The Tshyre Process” at Tshyre’s Spellbound in east Harlem, teaching and refining his system of acting.

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