Perri Gaffney

I have been a full-time professional actor and writer since 1995. Prior to that, I needed to supplement my performance income with “day jobs” that included: substitute teaching, a laborer with local 829, a freelance writer for ROUTES Magazine, a bartender, and a coat checker. While writing my novel, The Resurrection of Alice, I occasionally read passages to a writing group called Tuesdays @ 9. They were the first to suggest that Alice was also a script.

I adapted my debut novel into a solo show and created acting work for myself between theatre gigs. I have three full-length solo shows that I wrote and perform. The Resurrection of Alice garnered me a Best Actress Award, a Best Playwright Nomination, and the Best Play Nomination from the Black Theater Arts Alliance in Chicago, an Outstanding Lead Actress Award from the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago. Alice also received a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Visiting Production from the Helen Hayes Awards in Washington DC.

I wrote and have been performing JOSEPHINE, a multimedia monodrama on the life of Josephine Baker, for over 20 years. JUST ME is a journey through the tumultuous 1950’s – 60’s USA. It is told through multimedia projections and the recollections of a baby boomer. I also have two 50-minute educational programs for school groups; Sojourn for Truth and Harriet Speaks. They are about Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman and I answer questions at the end of the presentation while still in character. I have also co-authored two textbooks with Mitch Weiss; Managing Artists in Pop Music and The Business of Broadway (Skyhorse Publishing).

Early Accolades for

The Resurrection of Alice by Perri Gaffney

“…a very talented, passionate and capable writer” AND “A terrific read… I love this book” J. California Cooper (American Book Award Winner)

“…we have been introduced to a rising star in the literary world… Perri has insight and ancestral connections akin to Toni Morrison and Alice Walker.” Evon Marcus (The Cleveland Black Literary Guild)

Heartbeaking and Toe Tickling” Joyce Carol Thomas (National Book Award-winning author/poet)

“’The Resurrection…’ Touches all of the senses with compelling narration that flows deep and rich as the Congo.” Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets

very reminiscent of one of my favorite authors, Anne Tyler, …a strong sense of place and interesting characters… Bill S. Rubin (Cuyahoga County Library)

“I loved your book… very compelling… a great story.” Amy Blossom (Ashland Public Library)

… a very powerful, inspiring, and beautiful story about the possibilities that lie in all of us. That needs to be spread everywhere to everyone” Danielle Sweeney

… I compare the quality of Perri’s writing to Zora Neale Hurston. What a great read!” Pamela Gaston

Words cannot express the feeling of Love and Gratitude to you for the book…

… It is a blessing to know you and to be considered a friend…” Loretta Cole (whose mother inspired the book)

You have to read it to know why I am so overwhelmed…” Haleemah Razeeq

I couldn’t put it down… Profoundly moving and beautifully written…” Pat Floyd (Director, Actress, Filmmaker)

I absolutely loved your book. I had to put it down, at times, because I was too close to tears to read the next sentence. Or my eyes were so filled with tears, I couldn’t continue… I believe this story of Alice is one for the ages.” (Mary Jennifer True (Arrow Rock, MO)

A definite page-turner…” Kelvin Watson (Borders Group Inc.)