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featured-image01“Leaving a trail where there was no path…”

NUNU Radio is the brainchild of actor~director~technical designer~producer Fredric Michaels. It is an innovative and creative outlet designed for the spoken word and performing artist for when this pandemic subsides and Earth continues under a new normal. Even the name, NUNU, bespeaks the new “New” in artistic endeavors.

NUNU Radio prophesies that the return of “Radio Dramas” will prove to be an immediate, safe, and affordable space where all artists can continue to make a living with their craft.

NUNU Radio is a 24-hour internet radio station with affordable time slots for every genre and generation: Children and General Audience programs 7 am – 10 pm, Adult programming 10 pm – 7 am, and Music programs can play at any time. When the dark Covid-19 cloud lifts, it is not going to suddenly be safe to resume business-as-usual. Auditoriums, theatres, concert spaces, backstage, restrooms, concessions, and the front houses are all going to need sterilization. Patrons are going to need the reassurance that venturing out is not going to resurrect a health crisis, but art will continue to evolve.

NUNU is the next evolution.



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