THURS 19:00 & SUN 13:00

“Fairyless Tales & Fables”


I call my written work Perri Tales because they are stories from my heart, my memory, and my imagination to which I generally attach some moral ending. I have several stories to share in the near future that will feature quirky characters overcoming their trials and tribulations without the help of fairies.

My debut NUNU program was the recording of my novel, The Resurrection of Alice. This tale was inspired by a true story of a young girl who was put into an arranged marriage with a man who was old enough to be her grandfather. It took almost a year to hear in my two 30-minutes show segments with Sunday repeating the Thursday program. I followed that up with The Substitute, a compilation of short stories based on my experience as a substitute teacher in the NYC and Newark, NJ public school systems in the 1980’s – 90’s.

Miracles happen every day. My goal is to highlight the thousand daily wonders I see and experience, starting with waking up each morning… everybody doesn’t. I want everyone to recognize and embrace their blessings and take nothing for granted. Life is truly lovely when you live it in gratitude.


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