Analyze This!

Sun 16:00 & WED 20:00

“Sharing thoughts to educate others”


As a way of keeping spiritually grounded amidst this pending COVID pandemic and climate of demonstrations, civil unrest, rage, and frustration, tune into the 90-minute Live talk show, Analyze This! every Sunday from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. In this show, we focus on maintaining the spirit of the “Quadruple-P” by being Positive, Progressive, Productive, and Prayerful.

Panelists are invited to discuss the arts, artistic events, theater shows, and a host of other art-related topics. Panelists are also encouraged to share their thoughts on recent social, health, and, occasionally, political issues. Listen to other perspectives. And remember, there is always a topic or an issue to . . . ANALYZE!


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