There’s Always Hope

Mon 14:00 & TUES 19:00

“Women who left footprints in history for good … or bad”


There’s Always Hope puts the spotlight on women who are almost totally written out.

Not just out of history … just out.

Once they have transitioned or retired they are “out of sight and out of mind”. However oftentimes they’ve left a legacy, a footprint I like to call it, that everyone benefits from indirectly that we are not aware of until a movie, a documentary is made and/or an exhibition of their work is seen … and then we see a glimpse of the world they created and how that creation has affected our ability to thrive today, and we realize we do have she-roes and we are not all plodding along on our own.

So join me on Mondays at 2 pm EST to hear about
Women, we’ve never heard of …
Women we seldom hear about …
women we never talk about, and …
where these women have left their footprints in history for good or for bad.


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