Let’s Talk About It

SAT 19:00

“You give me 30 minutes of your time… I’ll give you 30 minutes of soulful content.”

Email: LetsTalkAboutIt@nunuradio.com

On “Let’s Talk About It” we’ll be discussing a range of topics and bread-and-butter issues that affect ordinary citizens. Each episode will delve into a central theme, topic, motif, and argument, and will be discussed live every Saturday at 7 PM Eastern Time. It’s a good way to get the information disseminated to listeners who may not get it through other mediums and online platforms. Some of the talking points will include lifestyle choices, health/mental health, trending events, current laws, and the love of creative writing. The Let’s Talk About It radio show is more than just a show, it’s a hub for real information that affects all of us.


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