A NUNU Radio Poem

In the silence of the static, a whisper found its way,
NUNU Radio emerged, to paint the night with day.
Where voids were once unbroken, and silence held its reign,
A beacon rose from shadows, to break the silent chain.

No map to guide their journey, no path to trace their stride,
Yet NUNU walked the ether, with nothing else beside.
They wove their voice through darkness, through airwaves thin and cold,
With songs of dreams and stories, with wisdom brave and bold.

They left behind a trail, where none had dared to tread,
In every note and cadence, their legacy was spread.
Listeners far and distant, felt the pulse of light,
From NUNU’s boundless spirit, that sang through endless night.

So, here’s to NUNU Radio, who charted the unknown,
Who paved the way with echoes and made the silence groan.
For in their fearless venture, where silence once held sway,
They carved a path through nothing, and turned the night to day.

Author: ChatGPT
Artwork Created by Ruth Gechemba Nyakundi

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