Nzinga’s Children

Nzinga’s Children – written by Veona Thomas

NUNU Radio Productions with UMEZ & LMCC [ @LMCC, @LMCCNYC, @lmcc_nyc ] presents a Drama Presentation of Nzinga’s Children.  A phenomenal story about a young, beautiful, hardworking, determined, African-American woman who not only struggles for a better and prosperous life but also struggles for a helpmate or partner who is equally willing to pursue and share her dreams of prosperity. During this young woman’s struggles, she receives an unsuspecting visit from five grandmothers — that is, five grandmothers from her ancestral bloodline. These grandmothers have come with some stern advice for this young woman. The question is: Will she take heed to the advice of her ancestors or simply dismiss their invaluable words of wisdom in pursuit of a self-entitled life?

YouTube links for dates are below:

DECEMBER 2, 2023 @7PM

DECEMBER 9, 2023 @7PM  (reBroadcast)

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